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What is an Affiliate Mean and How can You Apply?

 An Affiliate member can be anybody who refer our shop for sales of our plugins(etc). When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are redirected to our website. You can earn commission for each sales. The affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by as a result of link given. This program is free to join. After you fill out the apply for which requires your payment mail address, website url, and brief information about how you will promote us, you will be instantly approved into the program.

What are the Payout Conditions, Commisions and  How does it Work?

We offer 20% commission from each successful sale. How many affiliate sales were made  can be seen as a report with your accountas well as via mailwhich we send after each month each month(If there are no affiliate sales you wont get a sales mail).

We are currently using Paddle payment system. So your affiate payments will be required one too.

You will get your payment only after 90 days if  minimum amount of commision is mate which is 300$.

Here is the brief summary after you acuire affiliate link through us;

Lets say you made 100$ sale  via link and  this sales generates  20$ commision. After a month you will see a report how many sales you made that month. If you meet the required minimum quota you you can  withdraw it by using Paddle.

If any of your informantion is uncorrect(like Paddle account ) we will not be responsible for your payments.

Sales or affiliates which made through same Paddle accounts will not  generate additional commisions.

Where can  You Promote and How?

You can  promote us by;

  • Writing a review about us,(to blogs, in your site, etc)
  • Advertising on sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, YouTube, etc

What are the Legal procedures and  Tax Requirements?

As we are a Turkish company, corporate laws require us to pay our taxes, but digital sales can be attributed to the following law as they are partly incidental sales;

The exemption amount for incidental gains in Article 82 of the Income Tax Law has been determined as 1800$ (33,000 TL), to be applied to the incomes after the 2019 calendar year. Incidental gains in article 82 of the income tax law are exempted from tax, provided that they do not exceed the this specified amount.

If your affiliate sale exceeds this amount, you will contact us and you will be informed about the steps you need to take in terms of tax.

If your earnings are over $1800, you will need to fill out a simple tax form before December 31 (current year). Please note that if this form is not received by us, you will forfeit any affiliate commissions you have earned during this period.

If we suspect a fraudulent affiliate sale, the commission will not be paid out and the affiliate runs the risk of losing their affiliate account.

If we determine that affiliate users do not comply with the privacy policy and/or terms and conditions, these users, we reserves the right to decline payments, suspend accounts, terminate any affiliate user account without notice. Pending payments and current links of these users will be cancelled.