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Fulfill all your legal responsibilities with contracts

Present and confirm contracts with your customers at sign up or at checkout with the easy contract plugin.

Easy Contract Plugin


Edit Custom Agreement Templates

You can edit the agreements created during the order or registration as you wish, or add new agreements.


Compatible with Marketplace Plugins

You can use the easy contract plugin in your marketplace, customers can approve vendor specific agreements at the time of order and can accept a separate agreement for each vendor.

(Dokan and WCFM compatible)

Register Agreements

You can view all contracts approved by customers on your e-commerce site through the easy contract panel.

Create and edit new contracts

WooCommerce Distance Selling Agreement Plugin; It creates, displays, approves and stores contracts for customers, which you will create in the payment form or with your own template for user registration processes. Moreover, it is possible to use our plugin on your multi-language sites.

With the WooCommerce Distance Sales Agreement Plugin, it is now very easy to sell in accordance with the Distance Sales Agreement regulation.

Do you want to set up an e-commerce site; Your vendors and customers are ready. You have clarified the hosting, domain name, infrastructure to be used (wooCommerce, Dokan ,wcVendor , Product Vendors) solutions and design. The next step will be to fulfill the legal obligations to be able to formalize your sales. By using our WooContract plugin for this, you can complete your sale completely legally and quickly.

Register your company information

By registering your company information, you can provide easy use in all contracts you create. all you have to do is use dynamic variables.

Example; {{company_name}}

In the payment form, you may want to formalize the order between you and the buyer, and to inform and confirm before the order with the Preliminary Information Form. You can issue and approve a contract for sellers or customers who will become members of your marketplace to accept some rules. Distance Sales Agreement regulation published in the Official Gazette.

Record all approved contracts.

Thanks to the easy contract add-on, you can record all approved distance sales contracts, preliminary information contracts and confidentiality agreements on your e-commerce site.

Thus, you archive which users accepted which agreements and when.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements in trade is communication. With its multi-language support feature, our plugin is a complete “communication friendly”. Thanks to this feature, your contracts; You can show it to your customers all over the world in their own language.


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