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Turn your E-Commerce site into B2B Platform

Add custom firms and firm-specific rules

Provide special advantages to your contracted companies with Easy B2B Plugin

Special payment methods, wholesale product sales and many more features

Add Company

Add the contracted companies to your e-commerce site with their advantages

Special Prices

Apply product-based or basket discounts specific to companies

Payment Methods

Add or restrict company-specific payment methods

Bulk Product Sales

Enable companies to add products to the basket in bulk by selling wholesale products

Add Your B2B Resellers

Add your contracted dealers to your e-commerce site with just a few steps

Add Your Contracted Companies

add information such as authorized information, address information of the companies you add and assign users to this company

Identify Company Benefits

Select options such as special cart discounts, payment gateways, and special cargo companies for the company you added.

Your E-Commerce Site is ready for B2B

Increase your sales by taking advantage of the special advantages of the companies you add.

Set Custom Segments

Configure and save custom segments to specify

Customized Options

Select special basket and product-based discounts, special payment methods, special shipping options according to companies.

Organize by Category or Tag

You can specify the products you want to apply a discount from the categories or tags, only the products in the tags and categories you specify will be discounted.

Shortcode Product Table

Place the shortcode product table wherever you want so that your dealers can purchase products in bulk.

Customizable Shortcode

By customizing the shortcode, you can specify the sequences of its variations, show or hide the prices of the products.


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