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The easiest way to increase
Sales Rates

Make it easy for our visitors to shop from your site

Registering Multıple Addresses

When customers purchase products or services from your site and revisit your site, it allows them to automatically save their address for the next time!

Customize As You Wish

You can customize the easy multi-address plugin to suit your theme. So it stands specific to each theme.



Based on WooCommerce, Powered by WordPress

Compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce and most popular themes

Customızıng Address Fields

You can edit the fields on your address form as you wish. You can change the display order of the fields, the requirement status, the field dimensions and types.

Personalizable Address Page

You can customize your address form to match your theme.


Can work with other plugins

3 Dıfferent mode optıons

Custom mode options for e-commerce sites that sell digital products only or for sites that sell both products

Multilingual Support

With multilingual support, you can use this panel in different languages, also your customers too.


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