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Why is The Distance Sales Contract Important ?

Distance Sales Contract has gained importance with the increase in e-commerce volume. In order to protect the interests of the seller and buyer parties in e-commerce, some legal arrangements need to be present.(You can get some usefull information about rules in England and Turkey which may be helpfull while creating your contact.) Here’s brief information about the contract:

What is a Distance Sales Contract ?

These are the contracts that the owners of the e-commerce site prepare against the buyers.

It is organized mainly for three reasons;

  • In order to prevent negative events that may occur while shopping on the e-commerce site
  • to fulfill and know the obligations of the shopping and sale made by both parties
  • to provide preliminary information about the procedures.

All e-commerce sites must have a sales contract. The selling site must have the contract approved just before the order is created. In addition, although it is skipped during the installation stages of e-commerce sites, payment systems applications do not define virtual POS for sites that do not have distance sales contracts. Therefore, online sales cannot be made.

Brief Information About Sales Contact

A sales contract is an agreement between the customer and the e-commerce site. The seller agrees to deliver or sell the thing requested in exchange for the price the buyer is willing to pay. Transfer of ownership in the Distance Sales Agreement; occurs when the seller delivers the product and receives the payment. In cases where the seller cannot deliver the product he sells or the buyer has a setback in payment; changes occur in the operation of the contract. Either party can agree to transfer ownership to the buyer. But; If the buyer does not pay, the seller can get the product back.

Preliminary Information Form

These are the forms that you will give your customers preliminary information about their order, which do not need to be recorded or approved. For example, it could be a form that contains cargo information, payment information and detail information of the order.

Distance Selling Agreement in WordPress

With the TudiHub Easy Contact Plugin, you can create agreements in the payment form or with your own template for user registration; creates, displays, approves and stores for customers or users. It is also possible to do this on your multi-language sites. It is now very easy to work in accordance with the regulation with the TudiHub Easy Contact Plugin.

Plugin Features

  • You can create a contract by using the user information in the user registration form.
  • You can create a contract by using the payment information in the payment form (checkout).
  • You can view multiple contracts in the same form.
  • You can view previews in the payment/user registration section of the created agreements.
  • You can create and use site-specific predefined constants for contracts.
  • You can add a mandatory or optional contract. (The relevant form cannot be completed until the mandatory contracts are approved.)
  • You can access the created agreements from the administration panel.
  • You can find the agreements approved by the customers for order/user registration in the My Orders and Agreements section.
  • You can send customer-approved contracts with the e-mail sent after the order.
  • In the contracts you will create, you can use the {$Order} tag with the order information, and the {$User} tag with the user information.
  • You can show the agreements you create with content specific to that language for each different language your site has.

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